San Gervasio is the biggest, most important and only official archaeological site of the island. It is also a sanctuary to Ixchel, goddess of fertility and love. For Mayan women it was an obligation to visit Cozumel at least once in their lifetime to pay tribute to Ixchel.

You can be witness of the Mayan culture and its mysteries.

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Services and Facilities

  • Restrooms
  • Snack Bars
  • Souvenirs & Handcrafts
  • Free Parking


Adults $5.00 USD | Kids under 10 years old - Free

Access to San Gervasio Mayan Archaeological Site
Adults $4.50 USD / Kids under 10 - Free

Park Hours

Monday – Sunday 8:00am to 3:45pm

Park Location

Transversal Road 4 miles




  • Chankanaab
  • Punta Sur
  • San Gervasio
  • Museo de la Isla